Action Points are used for all activity outside of your Castle and are regenerated at a rate of 10% of maximum per hour (If you have 150 maximum AP, you will gain 15 per hour; with 200 max AP, you gain 20 per hour, etc.) . You increase your maximum AP by increasing your Rank. AP regeneration can be sped up using Cards. Furthermore, many daily tasks will reward AP.


Action AP Cost
Visiting a Resource Nodes 6
Visiting a Worldmap Location* 10
*Exception : Tower of Babel 50
Scouting a Castle / Mine 0
Attacking a player castle (depends on fame relation) 30-160
Transport resources between Castles 20
Dispatching hero to a Castle / Mine 30
Attacking a 1 Star NPC 7
Attacking a 2 Star NPC 9
Attacking a 3 Star NPC 12
Attacking a 4 Star NPC 15
Attacking a 5 Star NPC 17
Attacking a 6 Star NPC 20
Attacking a 7 Star NPC 23
Attacking a 8+ Star NPC 26
Attacking a Level 1 Equipment 5
Attacking a Level 2 Equipment 9
Attacking a Level 3 Equipment 14
Attacking a Level 4 Equipment 19
Attacking a Level 5 Equipment 24
Attacking a Level 6 Equipment 30
Attacking a Level 7 Equipment 35
Attacking a Level 8 Equipment 41
Attacking a Level 9 Equipment 47
Attacking a Level 10+ Equipment 52

Happy HoursEdit

There are two hours starting at 20:00:00 server time where the AP required is halved except for visiting worldmap locations. Users have complained that Happy Hours are unfair because of different time zones.

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