Minimap Error

Mini-map miscalculation in Y-axis

General Bugs Edit

Bug NameDescriptionRiskOSWeb BrowsersOther CommentsFirst NotedVersion SolvedDate Solved
Mini-map The mini map has a miscalculation in y-axis compared between the worldmap locations and any green spot on the mini-map Windows 7ChromeMiscalculation TypeBetaBabelJan 21 2010
Tower of Babel Prize Accumulation Shows the correct prize accumulation until at the end of level 10 where the experience resets to 0 and shows no equipment Windows 7ChromeMiscalculation TypeBetaOngoingOngoing
Button Update This error occurs when the upgrade buttons do not update from the blue to grey when there is not enough resources even though hovering over the button shows the lack of resources * Windows 7, XP Chrome, Firefox Babel Ongoing Ongoing
Capitol Locations on Worldmap When the complete worldmap is loaded, it shows the incorrect locations of Stevick(357:421), Brilheart(148:161), and Iserburg (268:47). ** Windows 7 Chrome, IE Beta BF extra maintenance 7th Feb. 2010
Dismiss Hero: Incorrect Gender When the hero is dismissed, the information system always refers the hero's gender as male Windows 7 Chrome, IE Beta Ongoing Ongoing
Entire Game Scroll Bar The browser lagged and whited out for a few moments and when the game was ready again, there was a scroll bar on the right side * Windows 7 Chrome Beta Ongoing Ongoing
OS Compatibility States:
  1. Wrong account or password
  2. Login failed[20112]
  3. Unable to connect. please try again later.
*** Ubuntu Firefox, Chrome Fix: Install Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta Beta Ongoing Ongoing
Skills Auto-Update When new skills are upgraded, the skills that are already used by a hero are not updated. While re-equipping the hero will solve the problem, every hero and skill will need to be checked and every skill upgrade will need to be remembered.
  • Not actual a bug but an intended feature. Would be nice if heroes in the castle would autoupdate though.
* Windows 7Chrome, IE, FF BetaOngoingOngoing
Battle Skills Effect The skills used during battle affects everyone on your side even though it only should affect just long range or just melee. Windows 7, XPChrome, FirefoxMight just be graphics issueBetaOngoingOngoing

Loading Bugs Edit

Bug NameDescriptionRiskOSWeb BrowsersOther CommentsFirst NotedVersion SolvedDate Solved
Click Twice Clicking on any object will load the loading bar, but does not load. **XPFirefoxClicking twice will force it to loadBetaOngoingOngoing
Drag Interruption While a window was being dragged, something interrupted the drag in the background. Remains in semi-transparent status and nothing is clickable; needs a F5 *Windows 7, OSX 10.5Chrome, Firefox, Safari Going fullscreen and then back to regular and then clicking sometimes also fix the problem. In addition, you can press Tab or Shift + Tab on keyboard several times. You will see a highlighted button by a blue square moving and moving. Move the highlighted button to where you want to click then press space. Pressing space is the same as your mouse clicking BetaOngoingOngoing
Infinity Shows the bar loading to infinity **XP, OSX 10.4, Windows 7IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome BetaOngoingOngoing
Multiple Battle Ended Shows the same Battle Reminder for the same hero even when all the battles have ended Windows 7Chrome Beta OngoingOngoing
Button Language Shows the buttons in wrong language for a few seconds (commonly Chinese) XP, Windows 7Chrome, Firefox Appears to be fixed. When loading lags, "----" is displayed where there used to be Chinese characters. BetaBabelJan 21 2010
Initizalization Bug The graphics of an object does not load **XP, Windows 7IE, Chrome The bug only occurs everytime the game is loaded in a new web browser; F5 fixes the problem BetaOngoingOngoing
Black Out/Tabs It occurs after initizalization bug when re-entering the castle. When selecting the tabs, they disappear. *XP,Windows 7IE, Chrome The bug only occurs everytime the game is loaded in a new web browser; F5 fixes the problem BetaOngoingOngoing

Task Bugs Edit

Bug NameDescriptionRiskOSWeb BrowsersOther CommentsFirst NotedVersion SolvedDate Solved
Description or Calculation Error On the Hero Tasks when asked to "Receive rich [resource]", the objective is to "Reward for attacking a 5> [resource] resource pile." The ">" is unknown to be a typo or attacking a 5 or greater resource. Windows 7, XPChrome, Firefox When attacking a lvl 6 resource when asked for a lvl 5 resource would not complete the Hero Task. Beta: Babel expansionBabelJan 19 2010
Incorrect Reward The reward description would state different items compared to the ones actually received from the system notice Windows 7Chrome Beta OngoingOngoing
Units Disappear Occurs when casualties are sustained and there aren't enough spaces in your castles interior to hold them, or randomly when kicked out of various world buildings. ***** Windows 7, XP Firefox Also known to occur when fighting in arena and PvP battles. Beta: Babel expansionOngoingOngoing
Resources Disappear When transporting resources between castles, the resources end up not being allocated to the new destination. *****Windows XPFirefox Beta: BabelUnresolvedn/a

Risk Edit

no risk; ex. spelling errors
* annoying, but does not affect the gameplay or game data;limited to one system or browser
** annoying; requires user to manually fix the problem
*** currently unfixable; needs a version update
**** damaging; needs a version update
***** very damaging; affects all servers, browsers, game data, and gameplay.

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