Bodies are equipment that can be equipped in to the body slot of your Heroes. They give your Hero a bonus based on the item's stats.

Body Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell Treasure
Haste RobeHaste Robe10510-12
Scholar's RobeScholar's Robe10600-8
Leather ArmorLeather Armor601000-22
Ghost MantleGhost Mantle70810-32
Coldwood ChestarmorColdwood Chestarmor1101600-64
Cape of LionmaneCape of Lionmane1201510-72
Chestbone ArmorChestbone Armor1602200-192
Mantle of the Starlit SkyMantle of the Starlit Sky1702020-220
Silver RingmailSilver Ringmail2102800-576
Overlord's RobeOverlord's Robe2202720-600
Robe of Tiger StripeRobe of Tiger Stripe2515210036,00014,400
Serpent ScaleSerpent Scale2603500-1,280
Wizard's GownWizard's Gown2703230-1,400
Chestarmor of LifeChestarmor of Life3104200-2,560
Sancho's MantleSancho's Mantle3304030-2,600
Chestarmor of RegenerationChestarmor of Regeneration3404303-2,800
Chestarmor of BeastsoulsChestarmor of Beastsouls3517250042,00016,800
Robe of the WiseRobe of the Wise3517250042,00016,800
Mail of Violent ForceMail of Violent Force4104800-3,840
Fallyn's RobeFallyn's Robe4304550-4,000
Mantle of BloodMantle of Blood4518270045,00018,000
Mantle of ShadowMantle of Shadow4502718045,00018,000
Cyclops Fighter's MailCyclops Fighter's Mail4505003-4,000
Sulfur ArmorSulfur Armor5105502-5,760
Dragonflight RobeDragonflight Robe5305250-6,400
Robe of TranquilityRobe of Tranquility5502901948,00019,200
Mantle of Lightning FlowMantle of Lightning Flow5502919048,00019,200
Chestplate of StormChestplate of Storm5519290048,00019,200
Black Dragon ChestplateBlack Dragon Chestplate550480048,00019,200
Golden Armor of MiracleGolden Armor of Miracle5505804-6,400
Dwarven King's PlateDwarven King's Plate610650415,0008,000
Dragon's EmbraceDragon's Embrace6356200-8,000
Robe of VictorioRobe of Victorio6503202254,00021,600
Robe of AdairRobe of Adair6503222054,00021,600
Kent's Legendary ChestguardKent's Legendary Chestguard650540054,00021,600
Dragonscale PlateDragonscale Plate6506807-8,800
Dohnal's ChestplateDohnal's Chestplate6622320054,00021,600
Phoenix Feather CloakPhoenix Feather Cloak6606280-10,000
Chestplate of DragonbloodChestplate of Dragonblood7026817-33,600
Robe of InvincibilityRobe of Invincibility7007107-35,200
Plate of the CursedPlate of the Cursed100201202020-Capitol
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