Combat Shinguards are equipment that can be equipped in to the combat shinguard slot of your Heroes. They give your Hero a bonus based on the item's stats.

Combat Shinguard Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell Treasure
Cloth ShoesCloth Shoes10020-7
Knee BootsKnee Boots80030-16
Clown's BootsClown's Boots130050-48
Firefree BootsFirefree Boots180070-168
Mage's BootsMage's Boots190380-240
Pathfinder's BootsPathfinder's Boots2400100-520
Boots of Snow BearBoots of Snow Bear25609015,0006,000
Boots of Crocodile SkinBoots of Crocodile Skin2800120-1,040
Adventurer's BootsAdventurer's Boots2905140-1,400
Boots of CurseBoots of Curse3300160-2,160
Boots of LightningBoots of Lightning357010017,0006,800
Boots of IntelligenceBoots of Intelligence350010717,0006,800
Saint's BootsSaint's Boots4305200-3,600
Emerald BootsEmerald Boots450020020,0008,000
Boots of EvilsoulBoots of Evilsoul458012020,0008,000
Elven LongbootsElven Longboots5300250-5,200
Blessed ShoesBlessed Shoes5440240-6,000
Long Boots of CastllianLong Boots of Castllian550014923,0009,200
Ironshod of EnduranceIronshod of Endurance559014023,0009,200
Boots of AirwalkerBoots of Airwalker550023023,0009,200
Boots of White RhinoceroBoots of White Rhinocero550914023,0009,200
Boots of Shadow WindBoots of Shadow Wind6305280-6,720
Boots of SpeedBoots of Speed6550300-7,200
Ironshods of DustIronshods of Dust6500161127,00010,800
Boots of Gathering SoulBoots of Gathering Soul6500285-7,200
Manege Master's BootsManege Master's Boots650027027,00010,800
Arwin's BootsArwin's Boots6511016027,00010,800
Boots of BardolfBoots of Bardolf6501116027,00010,800
Boots of the SageBoots of the Sage7053300-22,000
Angel's BootsAngel's Boots100303010030-Capitol
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