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This page lists all of the Handguards found in Heroes of Gaia.

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Handguards are equipment that can be equipped in to the handguard slot of your Heroes. They give your Hero a bonus based on the item's stats.

Handguard Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell Treasure
Leather GlovesLeather Gloves10201-8
Bronze HandguardBronze Handguard60301-16
Iron HandguardsIron Handguards70411-24
Equestrian GlovesEquestrian Gloves110420-48
Silver HandguardSilver Handguard160603-168
Handguards of BeholderHandguards of Beholder210804-520
Gloves of Bear LeatherGloves of Bear Leather25580013,0005,200
Druid's GlovesDruid's Gloves2601020-1,040
Dwarven GauntletDwarven Gauntlet2701024-1,200
Magicgold GauntletsMagicgold Gauntlets3101205-2,160
Gloves of DexterityGloves of Dexterity3301350-2,400
Gauntlets of Giant SerpentGauntlets of Giant Serpent35690015,0006,000
Gauntlets of DiamondGauntlets of Diamond35090615,0006,000
Archmage's GlovesArchmage's Gloves4101508-3,600
Lich's HandglovesLich's Handgloves4401536-4,000
Gloves of AirwalkerGloves of Airwalker450110718,0007,200
Overwhelm BadgeOverwhelm Badge457110018,0007,200
Paladin HandguardPaladin Handguard5101802-5,200
Kiel's HandguardsKiel's Handguards5351530-6,000
Gauntlets of NatureGauntlets of Nature550130821,0008,400
Gauntlets of OffenseGauntlets of Offense558130021,0008,400
Gloves of Pterosaur LeatherGloves of Pterosaur Leather550138021,0008,400
Wristguards of EarthWristguards of Earth552190021,0008,400
Specter GlovesSpecter Gloves6102024-6,720
Rune GlovesRune Gloves6322008-7,200
Kempel's GlovesKempel's Gloves6501601026,00010,400
Orenal's GlovesOrenal's Gloves6501610026,00010,400
Petarr's HandguardsPetarr's Handguards6510160026,00010,400
Enchanted Silk CuffEnchanted Silk Cuff652240026,00010,400
Thorned WristguardThorned Wristguard7032118-21,200
Handgloves of PowerHandgloves of Power7022218-21,600
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