Helmets are equipment that can be equipped in to the helmet slot of your Heroes. They give your Hero a bonus based on the item's stats.

Helmet Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell Treasure
Headwear of KnowledgeHeadwear of Knowledge10004-13
Mage's HatMage's Hat70007-24
Snow Unicorn HelmSnow Unicorn Helm1200010-72
Circlet of LuckCirclet of Luck1700012-224
Elven TopknotElven Topknot1800114-260
Skull HelmetSkull Helmet230001512,000640
Helm of TigerHelm of Tiger258001321,0008,400
Helmet of ChaosHelmet of Chaos2700018-1,440
Archmage's CrownArchmage's Crown2803020-1,600
Commander's HelmetCommander's Helmet3204023-2,960
Helmet of SiriusHelmet of Sirius3510001424,0009,600
Headwear of WisdomHeadwear of Wisdom350002424,0009,600
Hellstorm HelmetHellstorm Helmet4230027-4,560
Headwear of EnchanterHeadwear of Enchanter4510001626,00010,400
Rogue's HoodRogue's Hood4500101626,00010,400
Lightning CrownLightning Crown5204032-7,000
Helmet of LegionHelmet of Legion5500121830,00012,000
General's HelmGeneral's Helm5540132-7,200
Helmet of FuryHelmet of Fury5512001830,00012,000
Headwear of Water FairyHeadwear of Water Fairy550202830,00014,000
Dwarven Master's HelmetDwarven Master's Helmet5501201830,00012,000
Sage's HoodSage's Hood6208036-9,600
Dwarven King's HelmetDwarven King's Helmet6580235-9,600
Taaksar's Military HelmetTaaksar's Military Helmet6500142135,00014,000
Eye of JakodiEye of Jakodi650003535,00014,000
Klag's Recast HelmKlag's Recast Helm6514002135,00014,000
Helmet of MistyHelmet of Misty6501402135,00014,000
Helm of WarlordHelm of Warlord70110235-25,600
Crown of JihadCrown of Jihad7083235-27,200
Dragonlord's CrownDragonlord's Crown10040402080-Capitol
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