In-Game Description Bonus Effect Explanation
Increases the chance for melee units to act twice : X Increases the chance for melee units to take another action after their previous action by X%. X ranges between 1 and 5.

Note that this is not a chance to act twice, but a chance to act again. There is no limit to the number of consecutive actions one unit can take.

Therefore, the actual amortized damage dealt by this ability is compounded.

Damage bonus = SUM(i = 1, INF) { (X/100) ^ i } (obviously, you need to calculate the limit as the upper bound goes to infinity)

As a result, an aggregate 50% chance to act twice would on average always yield one extra turn, however the theoretical max is 43%.

Note that the chance to act twice is in all cases better than a chance for double damage with equal values for X, and as X increases becomes ever better.

For aggregate values of X:

5: Equals 5.26 Double Damage

10: Equals 11.11 Double Damage

20: Equals 25 Double Damage

30: Equals 42.86 Double Damage

40: Equals 66.67 Double Damage

43: (Theoretical maximum) Equals 75.44 Double Damage

When you factor in the chance of double damage wasting damage through overkill on one stack, acting twice becomes even more valuable.

The theoretical maximum is a combination of 8 items giving +5 each, and a a racial skill giving +3, for a total of 43%. (actually 44% due to 1% from first mate's hat (ocean treasure item))

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