Rings are equipment that can be equipped in to the ring slot of your Heroes. They give your Hero a bonus based on the item's stats.

Ring Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell Treasure
Gaudy RingGaudy Ring53100-25
Platinum RingPlatinum Ring63310-32
Magical Silver RingMagical Silver Ring156400-288
Amethyst RingAmethyst Ring167420-320
Sapphire RingSapphire Ring168420-320
Amber RingAmber Ring251330016,0006,400
Magicgold RingMagicgold Ring2510600-1,920
Shell RingShell Ring2612600-2,000
Hellhound RingHellhound Ring2612830-2,200
Sheriff's RingSheriff's Ring35820818,0007,200
Moonlight RingMoonlight Ring351440018,0007,200
Ring of LightningRing of Lightning4014800-5,600
Ring of SpeedRing of Speed428860-7,200
Ring of the CursedRing of the Cursed448804-6,400
Emerald RingEmerald Ring45848020,0008,000
Ring of EnchwoodRing of Enchwood451550020,0008,000
Scout's RingScout's Ring55859022,0008,800
Prosperity and PopularityProsperity and Popularity55850922,0008,800
Black Diamond RingBlack Diamond Ring551660022,0008,800
Purified BlessPurified Bless5512100022,0008,800
Ring of ElementsRing of Elements6018800-11,520
Ring of SwiftnessRing of Swiftness6218700-11,520
Ring of RelicsRing of Relics6455010-12,000
Richoma's RingRichoma's Ring65969024,0009,600
Miracle RingMiracle Ring65960924,0009,600
Ring of ShadeRing of Shade651770024,0009,600
Life of EternityLife of Eternity6515800-11,200
Ring of Endless VigorRing of Endless Vigor6514100024,0009,600
Obsidian RingObsidian Ring7020800-26,400
Emperor's RingEmperor's Ring70181000-27,600
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