Weapons are equipment that can be equipped in to the weapon slot of your Heroes. They give your Hero a bonus based on the item's stats.

Weapon Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell Treasure
Centaur PolearmsCentaur Polearms15000-8
Centaur JavelinCentaur Javelin16000-12
Long SwordLong Sword28010-20
Elf Hunter's BowElf Hunter's Bow510000-22
Giant SwordGiant Sword612000-32
Dwarf's WarhammerDwarf's Warhammer612300-40
Silversword of AgilitySilversword of Agility1015010-64
Battle CrossbowBattle Crossbow1216000-64
Ghost FlailGhost Flail1520000-192
Sage's StaffSage's Staff1621003-240
Dwarven King's Battle AxeDwarven King's Battle Axe1622300-240
Spiked Club of HavocSpiked Club of Havoc2025000-576
Sniper's CrossbowSniper's Crossbow2125030-640
Blade of InfernoBlade of Inferno2126210-640
Spear of AidanSpear of Aidan253000030,00012,000
Flame TongueFlame Tongue2530000-1,280
Giant SlingGiant Sling2631020-1,400
Unicorn Mane BowstringUnicorn Mane Bowstring2730520-1,600
Shadow Hunter's BowShadow Hunter's Bow3035000-2,560
Diamand JavelinDiamand Javelin3136000-2,600
Lightning Trident SpearLightning Trident Spear3338000-2,600
Scholar's RapierScholar's Rapier3522001537,00014,800
Wolf FangWolf Fang353700037,00014,800
Thunderstrike AxeThunderstrike Axe4040000-3,840
Magicgold BowMagicgold Bow4240030-4,400
Arrow of Angle's WingArrow of Angle's Wing4443800-4,400
Dagger of SparkDagger of Spark4524016040,00016,000
Crescent BladeCrescent Blade454000040,00016,000
Dragon StaffDragon Staff5050006-5,760
Spirit Hunter's BowSpirit Hunter's Bow5248050-6,400
Night Elf's Short BowNight Elf's Short Bow5527017044,00017,600
Scept of UnificationScept of Unification5527001744,00017,600
Paladin's LancePaladin's Lance5527170044,00017,600
Long Sword of Fire SpiritLong Sword of Fire Spirit554400044,00017,600
Titan's ClaymoreTitan's Claymore6060000-8,000
Theobold's DaggerTheobold's Dagger6258080-10,000
Champion's SpearChampion's Spear6521310052,00020,800
Queen's ScepterQueen's Scepter6531002152,00020,800
Grady's BeliefGrady's Belief6531021052,00020,800
Dark Crystal BallDark Crystal Ball655200052,00020,800
Sword of JudgementSword of Judgement65621006-10,000
Sword of the OverlordSword of the Overlord70621516-34,400
Dragon SuppresserDragon Suppresser70671016-35,600
Blade of DoomBlade of Doom100140303030-Capitol
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