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Monster While young, their bustling robust build and raw power make them daunting opponents for foes.

Monsters are the second powerful units in the orc army. Their enormous bodies give them a lot of destructive power. They have good damage and high HP.


Attack type HP ATK DEF SPD Load Units/Cost Fame
Melee 390 118 109 8.44 96 2875 28.75


Cost per Unit

Gold Lumber Ore Sulfur Crystal Time(mm:ss)
1265 64 130 48 16 36:40




On the World Map

Tier Comparison

Unit Race Attack Type HP ATK DEF SPD Load Cost/Unit Time
AngelHumanMelee 400 128 114 8.8890312740:00
Green DragonElfMelee3941241098.7890300038:00
MonsterOrcMelee3901181098.44 96287536:40
Bone DragonUndeadMelee3881131048.5692 2698 35:00
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