Dragonlord's Crown This helmet once belonged to an Elven dragonslayer from the Kingdom of Avity, responsible for the deaths of countless dragons (and the perfection of the dragon-egg omelet).
Notes: "Increases Hero's maximum Troop Value by %: 10" bonus actually appears twice.


Item Slot Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell
Dragonlord's Crown Helmet 100 40 40 20 80 - -


  • The Dragonlord's Crown can only be obtained by being the conquering king of Silvassa, the Silvassa capitol.
This item is limited to one copy per server, and the former king will lose the item when the capitol is conquered by another player.
This item also cannot be used in forging or grafting of any type.

Equipment Buffs

The Dragonlord's Crown has a specific set of seven buffs that always appear on this item.

Additional Attributes:

Hero Attributes
  • Increases Hero's maximum unit allocation : 20
  • Increases Hero ATK : 10
  • Increases Hero DEF : 10
Combat Attributes
No Attributes
Melee Unit Attributes
  • Reduces damage received by melee units : 5
  • Increases the chance for melee units to act twice : 5
Ranged Unit Attributes
  • Reduces damage received by ranged units : 5
Castellan Attributes
No Attributes
Secondary Arms Attributes
No Attributes

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