Fame determines a player's rank. Higher rank allows a player to have more AP, heroes, castles, and mines.

A downside is that as a player's fame increases, they are opened up to attack by the more powerful players on the server. Increased fame will also make it more difficult to attack lower-fame inactive players for resources.

Gaining Fame Edit

A player gains fame by attacking and killing troops, building troops and buildings, upgrading buildings, and researching skills. The exact amounts of fame gained can be found on their respective wiki pages.

Defeating levels of the Tower of Babel also rewards a significant amount of fame. NO FAME GIVEN BY BABEL TOWER :( found that one out the hard way.

The formula for the fame you get per unit is: [(Lumber + Ore) * 5 + (Sulfur + Crystal) * 10 + Gold)] * 0.01. Note that costs here are referring to original, undiscounted costs only, i.e: Manufacturing skill, etc.

Attacking Restrictions Edit

Players may only attack other players within 1/5x-5x of their fame. For example, a player with 500,000 fame would be able to attack anyone between 100,000 and 2,500,000 fame. This rule also applies when defending a fellow guild member via the Group Defend feature.

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