Fame suppression is a concept that involves the willing of some players for keeping a low fame that doesn't represent their real in-game power. Unfortunately, most of the game actions increase fame, so playing without increasing fame is very hard and would imply not using most of the game options.

The global objective with fame suppression is aiming for a Troop Value and Combat Hero as powerful as players with fame within the higher attack cap; this means that a fame suppressor with 100,000 fame should have as much Troop Value as a 500,000 fame player. One main reason for doing so is that it is very useful for war purposes.

To suppress fame you should:

  • Never visit Babel Tower
  • Rarely attack NPCs or Items
  • Only use Guild Buildings / Ivory Towers to level heroes since they don't give fame
  • Research your castle until you can make T10 units, and after that avoid construction and only research battle-related hero skills.

After reaching 1.0 to 1.5 million fame, suppressing doesn't matter since the difference between players in that range is largely Troop Value and not unit tier.\

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