Goblin Workshop

Crystal mine left by the monsters, whomever owns it will recieve a certain amount of crystal per day. Because this is a neutral ground, it is free from war and reputation restrictions, battle engagements, so even though you have conquered this land, you must watch the others around you.

Units of army defense: 150000

Goblin Workshop rulesEdit

  • Goblin Workshop will give 20 crystal every 5 minutes, lasting for 12 hours. Thus, a Goblin Workshop will provide a maximum of 2880 crystal to the occupying hero.
  • The crystal gained is in a temporary storage in a Goblin Workshop, if someone is attacked while being in the Workshop, the new owner will get the crystal.
  • A PvP battle in a mine does not need a war declaration.
  • After 12 hours, the hero will automatically exit the Goblin Workshop.
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