A guild is a group of players who join together to pursue common goals. Guilds may be created at the Embassy. Guild companions may provide advice, military aid, and help with the game. There's also competition and rivalry amongst different guild, in part because the top ranking guilds are awarded a prize during the first maintenance of every month.

Guild Chat: a separate chat channel that allows guild members to communicate with one another privately. This channel does not have the thirty-second timer present in the global chat channel.

Embassy Edit

The Embassy allows a player to join or create a guild. A player with a level-one embassy can join a guild, and players with level-two or higher Embassy can create a guild. The maximum number of members allowed in a guild depends on the guild leader's Embassy level.

The maximum number of guild members is determined by (guild leader's embassy level) * 10. Thus, the maximum guild size is 100.

An Embassy also allows other players to send Heroes to group defend castles belonging to other guild members. The maximum number of heroes that can be sent to a castle in this way is equal to the castle's embassy level.

Guild Buildings Edit

The Heroes of Gaia: Bloodfort expansion drastically overhauled guild functionality by adding guild construction projects. All Guild buildings require all members to assist in their construction. Note: Although certain guild buildings suggest that the buffs only apply to Heroes of the same race as the player, the guild buffs have been confirmed to work for all a player's Heroes.

There are currently ten possible guild constructions, as listed in the table below. The last four buildings require investments of special racial items.

Building name Building level upgrade boosts for ALL guild members
Tower of Foison Resource production boosts per level. Lumber and Ore increase by 6 per hour;
Sulfur and Crystal increase by 3 per hour; Gold increases by 30 per hour.
Guild Training Center 3% increase in training speed for units per level.
Cure Camp 3% increase in healing for units per level.
Battle School 2% increase in combat experience per level.
Instrument Factory All Heroes of the same race as the player increase movement speed by 5%
University All Heroes have unit allocation increased by 1.5% per level
Lansquenet Camp 2% extra damage to enemy units of the opposing race to your Guild race.
Tower of Ares 2% chance to deal double damage to enemy units of the opposing race to your Guild race.
Tower of Solidarity Lower defence by 2% for all enemy units of the opposing race to your Guild race.
Agility Camp Lower speed by 2% for all enemy units of the opposing race to your Guild race.


The Guild Leader must choose a Guild Race before any construction can occur; see Race Opposition below.

To build and upgrade Guild buildings, access the Guild menu and click the "Build Guild" button on the far right. A new dialogue will pop up showing a scrolling list of guild buildings. To contribute find the desired building and push the "Build" button. Another window will open. Select "Confirm" to complete the transaction.

Guild building construction requires,that members donate AP. Construction can be done in intervals of 20 AP, with more contribution awarded for larger donations. After a building reaches level one, construction also requires a small amount of gold.. In exchange for the contribution, a Hero of the player's choice is instantly awarded experience based on the level of the building and the player's fame. This is an excellent way to gain experience quickly, especially for low-level heroes. Players may contribute to any building, but it is recommended to agree with your guild and focus on one building until it is completed so that the entire guild can benefit. With the Rise of the Guilds update, there is no longer a cooldown period for construction

As guild building level increases, guild buildings become easier to build -- the gold cost per round of construction increases, but one more contribution point is awarded for each level of construction already completed.. Therefore, each level of construction takes fewer total contributions in order to level it up.

For buildings that requires investment, donation of a racial item will award 1500 contribution. ( <- needs confirmation after RotG upgrade)

The first number is the contribution required to level a regular guild building. The second number is the contribution required to level an investment building.

Note: After reaching level 10, players can still contribute to the guild building an recieve 20 contribution and 15000 xp, but these contributions do not contribute to guild progress toward the next guild level. ( <- needs confirmation after RotG upgrade)

Experience Given per 20-AP Contribution: Fame vs Building Level

lvl 0 lvl 1 lvl 2 lvl 3 lvl 4 lvl 5 lvl 6 lvl 7 lvl 8 lvl 9 lvl 10

--Chart below needs updated--

Building level Guild level required AP cost to contribute Gold cost to contribute Points per contribution Contribution required to level building Contributions to Level Up Hero Exp. Rewarded Racial items required for investment
*420100020 - - 15000 -

Guild LevelEdit

The Guild Level is determined by the total number of contribution points given by guild members. Mousing over "Guild level" in the Guild window displays the current contribution progress and the amount required to reach the next level. The Guild level controls the maximum guild building level as well as the max instance level.

Guild Level Contribution needed* Max Building Level Max Instance Level

*Contributions in the form of gold donated to the guild does not increase guild level. The total resets to zero every time a new guild level is reached.

Racial Opposition Edit

Racial opposition begins when the guild leader chooses a guild race. The guild must choose a guild race before any guild construction may begin. This decision is irreversible for duration of the guild. Choice of guild race is important because each race opposes a different race for which there are special guild buildings that grant buffs and debuffs that affect the units of the opposed race. The racial oppositions are:

  • Human -> Orc - Humans gain advantages over Orcs.
  • Elf -> Undead - Elves gain advantages over Undead.
  • Undead -> Human - Undead gain advantages over Humans.
  • Orc -> Elf - Orcs gain advantages over Elves.

The construction of the race-opposition guild buildings each require an initial investment of forty race-specific items which may be purchased in the cash shop or are occasionally acquired after defeating Treasure Guardians. The acquisition of racial items is random, and it is not uncommon for players to obtain racial items that cannot be donated to the guild. The items are:

Note: the racial resource items have been renamed a few times in game expansions:

  • Holy Number (Babel) --> Holy Number (Blood Fort) --> Sacred Horn (Rise of the Guilds)
  • Lumber of Life (Babel) --> Breath of Life (Blood Fort) --> Emerald Wood (Rise of the Guilds)
  • Orc's Totem (Babel) --> Berserk Totem (Rise of the Guilds)
  • Dark Wings -- has not been renamed

Guild Instances/Battles Edit

Guild instances allow members to fight together side by side in the same battle in order to earn items, resources and experience. Now, senior Guildies will be able to train junior Guildies in battle and guide them to being great Heroes of Gaia.

You can access Guild Instances through the Guild menu.

Instance Rules:

  • Guild members need to send an application to request an entrance. Members who are granted Instance management rights by the guild Leader can approve the requests.
  • Guild Instance can be attacked by a single player or a team.
  • For each attribute, the highest one of the team will apply for the entire team. For example, if hero A has 40/40/30 stats and hero B has 50/30/20 stats, the final stat for the team is 50/40/30.
  • In battle, players can control their own soldiers, but you cannot control the soldiers of other members.
  • Each team may fight with skills and magic skills. Effects stack.
  • Each player can only enter 1 Instance at a time and can only send 1 hero.
  • If a player is defeated, it will withdraw from the Instance, the player's hero is sent back to castle. But the player does not exit the room, you can still see the room for teammates' information.
  • Combat-related details are similar to the Tower of Babel.
  • Units can be permanently lost in Guild Instances. Normal percentages of units can be healed.

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