Guild Instances allow members to fight together side by side in the same battle in order to earn items, resources, and experience. Now senior Guild members will be able to train junior members in battle.

Guild Instances can be accessed through the Guild menu.

Instance Rules:

  • Guild members need to send an application to request an entrance. Members who are granted Instance management rights by the guild Leader can approve the requests.
  • Even if you are allowed to manage the Instance, you still need to apply. You may, however, accept your own applications.
  • Guild Instance can be attacked by single player or a team.
  • For each attribute, the highest one of the team will apply for the entire team.

If hero A has 50/120/30 stats and hero B has 100/30/50 stats, the final stat for the team is100/120/50.

  • If there are 2 or more heroes in the Instance, the hero stats are fixed at their initial values once the instance begins. This means that any temporary buffs which expire won't affect the stats for the remainder of that run.
  • Players control their own units, but you cannot control those of others.
  • Each member may employ magic skills, and effects stack.
  • Each player can only partipate in a single instance with a single hero at a time.
  • If a player is defeated, they will withdraw from the Instance. However, the player remains in the room allowing him to observe his teammate's progress.
  • Combat-related details are similar to the Tower of Babel.
  • The guild Instance contains 10 floors per guild level, and there is a significantly tougher boss fight at each multiple of 10 floor.
  • Units can be lost in the guild instance, as per normal.


Each guild may participate in the Dungeon up to 160 times per day.

It is worth mentioning that when you solo the instance, enemy forces are significantly weaker. While in a group, each member may make use of their hero spells, and they will stack with spells used by other players.

Once your hero conquors the final floor, or should you decide to leave early, click "Quit" on the Instance interface. Ignore the warning about "leaving early" and you will get experience and the items from the last enemy boss you defeated.

Forging Packages can also be found in instances. You receive one for defeating floor ten, two more for defeating floor twenty, three more at thirty, and so on (i.e., you'll have got six in total after defeating level thirty).

All instance equipment spawns with one to seven attributes (blue to purple), however the numbers associated with the tags are limited to half of what you can find elsewhere (e.g., the maximum allocation of instance gear is 5% as opposed to 10% for world map treasures).

Finally, there is a chance to get two items instead of one as listed on the table below.

EXP Reward
Item Reward Hero Stats Force
Stat Easy Normal
1 10 5000-6000 6* or 7* Item

Secondary Arm

ATK 70 80

1Player ~130K

2Player ~330K

3Player ~529K

4Player ~635K

DEF 40 60
SPD 40 60
INT 50 50
2 20 28000-29000 7* Item

Secondary Arm

ATK 90 120

1Player ~490K

2Player ~1.1M

3Player ~1.8M

4Player ~2.5M

DEF 80 100
SPD 48 70
INT 80 80
3 30 79000-80000 8* Item

Secondary Arm

ATK 120 150

1Player ~887K

2Player ~2.1M

3Player ~3.5M

4Player ~4.8M

DEF 85 80
SPD 80 150
INT 100 100
4 40 140-170k 9*/10* Item

Second Lieutenant - Admiral

ATK 150 180

1Player ~1.4M

2Player ~3.6M

3Player ~5.7M

4Player ~8.0M

DEF 120 190
SPD 83 100
INT 120 120
5 50 ~300,000 10* Item

Second Lieutenant - Major

ATK 180 220

1Player ~2.1M

2Player ~5.2M

3Player ~

4Player ~11.5M

DEF 150 180
SPD 90 160
INT 150 150
6 60 ~500,000 10* Item

Major - Colonel

ATK 200 280

1Player ~3.0M

2Player ~7.3M

3Player ~11.6M

4Player ~16M

DEF 180 220
SPD 108 150
INT 150 180
7 70 ~750,000 10*/11* Item

Secondary Colonel

ATK 230 300

1Player ~3.8M

2Player ~7.6M

3Player ~

4Player ~21M

DEF 200 200
SPD 125 240
INT 120 200
8 80 over 1,000,000 10*/11* Item

(up to 3 items)

Secondary Colonel

ATK 250 350

1Player ~4.9M

2Player ~12.2 M

3Player ~

4Player ~26M

DEF 220 240
SPD 153 240
INT 120 220
9 90 ~1,500,000 10*/11* 2-3 Items

Secondary Colonel

ATK 280 380

1Player ~5.8M

2Player ~

3Player ~

4Player ~32M

DEF 250 270
SPD 160 270
INT 200 250
10 100 ~1,800,000 10*/11* 2-4 Items

Secondary General

ATK 320 400

1Player ~6.8M

2Player ~14.6m

3Player ~

4Player ~38M

DEF 320 400
SPD 118 210
INT 240 300