All heroes are not created equally. Some Heroes start off with much higher base attributes at the Tavern.

Name and stat colorEdit

Hero name color is based on the total number of stat points the hero would have at level 1:

Hero value = ATK + DEF + SPD + INT - CL + 1

Stat color is independent of name color, and is instead based on specific stat ranges. Both ranges appear in the table below.

Hero value Individual stat Color
125 or less 40 or less White
126-160 41-50 Blue
161-180 51-60 Yellow
181-200 61-70 Green
201 or more 71 or more Purple

Level 10 Tavern statsEdit

Level 10 Taverns produce 8 low quality heroes per hour. Each hero derives its level from 4 separate randomly-generated attribute stats. In a Level 10 Tavern, each stat has approximately a 98% chance of being a random number between 20 and 50 (white or blue), with equal likelihood for every number in that range. More data is needed for the percentages of yellow, green, and purple stats, and subsequently the statistical likelihood of a hero's color. Early analysis suggests that the percentages may have been designed such that 1 of every 10 heroes is yellow, 1 of 100 is green, and 1 of 1,000 is purple.

Hero Attributes:

White Blue Yellow Green Purple
4350 2226 130 2 0
64.85% 33.18% 1.94% 0.03% 0%

Hero Names:

White Blue Yellow Green Purple
473 1098 187 21 0
26.59% 61.72% 10.51% 1.18% 0%

Combat qualityEdit

One method of comparing heroes is to count the number of combat stat points as they would have been at level zero. This is expressed by the following equation:

Hero combat value = ATK + DEF + SPD + U - CL

ATK is the Hero's attack. DEF is the Hero's defense. SPD is the heroes speed. CL is the Hero's Current Level. U is the number of unallocated skill points. This formula applies to any hero, but is particularly useful for comparing heroes in the Tavern, as Tavern Heroes may appear from levels 1-10.


Your Hero is level 50, has 25 unallocated stat points, and has these attributes: ATK 55, DEF 60, SPD 45, INT 40.

Combat value = 55 + 60 + 45 + 25 - 50 = 135

Not bad! Refer to the table below to see why 135 is pretty good.

Combat valueNotes
70 or lowerThe first heroes you'll see as you begin the game. They are useless later on.
71-80Slightly better.
81-90Weakest of blue heroes and the strongest of white heroes.
90-100Weak to medium blue heroes.
101-110Stronger of blue heroes. You'll see these at level 6 taverns, and your starter hero is at this level.
111-120Fairly common in level 10 taverns.
121-130Still fairly common. A few blues, and mostly gold Heroes appear in this range.
131-140Uncommon. Most Heroes in this range will be yellow, along with a few green toward 140.
141-150Now we're talking! This is where you really want your Heroes. You should try for 1-2 in this range, maybe more.
151-160Feel like using a Hero Box? You can expect to go several days without seeing one in a level 10 Tavern.
161-170Extremely rare and comprise much of the Top 25 Combat Hero ranking.
171 and higherExpect to see only one or two per server.
  • Hiring Heroes at lower levels is better because it means more control over stat allocation.
  • Remember that Hero color is determined by total number of stat points, and that this calculation includes INT scores. Most good combat Heroes will have natural INT scores below 40, and below 30 is even better.

Pure combat qualityEdit

A hero's pure combat quality is the sum of his attack, defense, unspent attribute, subtracted by his level.

Pure combat quality = ATK + DEF + U - CL

The reason for this calculation is that speed often does not do very much.

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