This page gives a list of tasks necessary for completion of the "core" wiki. Please add tasks to the appropriate category.



  • Do you have a better way to play, or information that not everyone might have? Feel free to insert this information on any relevant page.

Pages needing information:

  • God of War Elegy - missing lots of upgrade data
  • Cards - missing new cards, points of each cards needs updating.

Pages needing formatting:

  • Orc mid-game and end-game strategy sections - needs to be formated and proofread.
  • Undead units pages - need to be overhauled to match the formatting style of the Human and Elf units pages. Needs pictures too, which are listed below as a separate task.
  • Most Individual Equipment pages need to be updated using the {{Equipment}} and {{Additional Attributes}} templates. Look at the Robe page as a guide. Additional Questions about the templates (not found in the template documentation) can be submitted to Goddess of Pandora.

Pages needing pictures:

  • Undead unit pictures - along with formatting, the undead unit pages need new unit pictures in line with those of the other three races. Cropped pictures should be in *.jpg format and should be either 61 x 67 or 62 x 67 pixels in dimension, and should not contain dark pixels around the edge of the picture.
  • PvP_Arena buff/debuff images. These images should have a 1px dark border around the gold outline of the image. Use the broken links to help upload missing images in .PNG file format.


  • Combat Mechanics - this page is in dire need of restructuring and overhaul.
  • Modifiers / Affixes The Equipment Modifier page needs a complete overhaul with some concrete numbers, and formulae that can properly and logically link to the Combat Mechanics page mentioned above.
  • Mechanics of resource generation, ie. how the game calculates the Lumber,etc. received per hour. This will be particularly difficult as there appear to be a lot of typos in the game about this.
  • Filling in Converting and improving the analysis and strategy section at the bottom of the Orc main page into proper English.
  • Categories - every page in the wiki needs a category. Care should be exercised to use categories already existing where possible.
  • We need a page about Fame. Actually, we have a page already, but it needs *piles* of work.
  • Castles - this is probably another hefty project. This should contain information about primary castles vs. secondary castles, castle defense, etc. etc.
  • Beginners Guide- Another big project. The in-game guide is lacking and it would be really helpful for something more.
  • Create Guild pages for the top major guilds. This allows people to read into the different guild before joining and allows guilds to present themselves better.
  • If you have made an edit to a page, please proofread your material before submitting it officially to the wiki. If English is not your first language, do not assume that online translators will provide grammatically correct sentences.
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