Human Hero(Female)

Player Avatar: Human Female

Zedonia, the kingdom of mankind, is located in Gaia's midwestern plains. it was once unrivaled as the most powerful kingdom in all of Gaia. However, the assassination of King Grivenhart, Elven schism, and constant war have greatly reduced Zedonia's former glory. Humans have powerful advanced troops, but their heroes' capabilities are average.

The Human race is part of the Unionist camp.


All of the units in the Human army are trained at the Barracks. Click on the unit name to see a picture and other useful information.

Unit Tier Stats Cost per Unit Time(mm:ss)
Type HP ATK DEF SPD Load Force Fame Gold Lumber Ore Sulfur Crystal Base Boot HSkill Guild
Spear Militia 1 Melee 40 15 12 4 30 125 1.25 55 6 - 4 - 01:12 00:57 00:43 00:21
Scout 2 Melee 10 5 5 50 5 153 1.53 68 - 9 - 4 01:36 01:16 00:57 00:28
Archer 3 Ranged 45 18 16 4.89 38 250 2.50 110 - 12 8 - 02:24 01:55 01:26 00:43
Armed Soldier 4 Melee 81 36 27 5.33 150 394 3.94 174 18 - 4 9 04:00 03:12 02:24 01:12
Gryphon 5 Melee 120 42 32 6.56 64 556 5.56 246 22 10 - 15 07:00 05:36 04:12 02:06
Monk 6 Ranged 115 42 33 7 62 811 8.11 356 - 21 19 16 09:20 07:28 05:36 02:48
Elite Knight 7 Melee 180 70 56 7.4 84 1125 11.25 495 56 30 20 - 11:40 09:20 07:00 03:30
Priest 8 Ranged 175 72 60 7.2 70 1500 15 660 50 16 17 34 14:56 11:56 08:57 04:28
Angel 9 Melee 400 128 114 8.88 90 3127 31.27 1377 105 35 35 70 32:00 25:36 19:12 09:36
Archangel 10 Melee 600 174 138 9.89 100 5000 50 2200 168 56 56 112 48:00 38:24 28:48 14:24
Guard Towers - Ranged - - - 100 - - - - - - - - - - - -

Note: Base is unmodified unit build time. Camp assumes maxed Bootcamp skill. HSkill assumes max Bootcamp and maxed Forced Conscription/Intensive Training. Guild assumes all of the aforementioned and a level 10 University guild building.

Note 2: All gold values are base values. For the cumulative effects of training time reduction, see Bootcamp, and for gold reduction, see Manufacturing Skill.

Note 3: A green cell means that this is best stat compared with others units of the same tier and attack type. A yellow cell means means that that unit has the best stat of this type, but shares this stat with one or more units in the same tier. See more info in Unit Comparison page.

Buildings Edit

Fixed complete human castle

Building Information
Arena You can arrange your units and heal wounded units here.
Barracks You can train units here.
Bazaar You can purchase weapons and equipment for your Hero here.
Embassy Level up your Embassy to increase the maximum number of your guild members.
Forge The Forge is a necessary building to train more powerful Human units.
Hero Tower You can check hero status and appoint defending hero.
Guard Towers Guard tower in the upper/lower battlefield.
Light Miracle The Human's special construction that can increase the Human hero's special abilities.
Magic Tower You can research Hero Spells and Castle Spells here.
Market You can trade resources at the market.
Stables Stable facility for raising steeds necessary for the training of Human calvary units.
Tavern You can recruit Heroes here.
Townhall The Town Hall is the administrative centre of your castle. Here you can start to construct your castle.
Warehouse Increases the resource storage limit.

Spells Edit

Castle Spells Edit

The following spells are passive/static abilities that can be learned through research in Magic Tower under the "Castle Spells" tab. Once researched, Castle Spells are always active.

Spell Effect
Forestry Skill Base lumber output increases by 20 and total output increases by 5% per level.
Mining Skill Base ore output increases by 20 and total output increases by 5% per level.
Refining Skill Base sulfur output increases by 10 and total output increases by 5% per level.
Polishing Skill Base crystal output increases by 10 and total output increases by 5% per level.
Storing Skill Max. resource storage increases by 5% per level.
Construction Efficiency Decreases building time by 3% per level.
Manufacturing Skill Gold requirement for unit recruitment decreases by 2% per level.
Scouting Skill The better your scouts, the better your Intel will be.
Bootcamp Recruiting time decreases by 2% per level.

Hero Spells Edit

The following Spells can be learned through research in the Magic Tower under the "Hero Spells" tab. Once researched, Hero Spells must either be equipped on a Combat Hero or a Castellan. Spells equipped to the Castellen become passive abilities. Combat Spells must be activated in combat.

Spell Information Type
Leadership Melee attack of all units increases by 1.5% per level. Combat
Fortify Defenses Defense of units waiting for their turn increases by 5% per level. Combat
Desperado Max. HP of all soldiers increases by 1% per level. Combat
Prodigious Learner Combat experience for heroes increases by 1% per level. Passive combat
Rain of Arrows Attack of long-range combat units increases by 1.5% per level. Combat
Mining Efficiency Castle resource output increases by 3% per level (except gold). Castellan
Logistics Movement speed of transport units increases by 3% per level. Castellan
Tax Reform Castle gold output increases by 3% per level. Castellan
First Aid Healing time for wounded units decreases by 2%* per level. A defending Hero is required to use this skill. Castellan
  • Prior to the Babel Expansion, this was 1% per level.

Racial SpellsEdit

The following are passive skills researched at the Light Miracle building. These spells only apply to Human Heroes and only to Human units allocated to those Heroes.

Spell Information
Guardian of Light The defense of Human units led by Human heroes increases by 2% (per level).
Shining Light The Attack of Human melee units led by Human heroes increases by 0.8% (per level).
Judgment of Light For each level the skill upgrades, all the Human units' chance of taking half damage increases by 1% and chance of acting twice increases by 0.3% (per level).

Tasks Edit

Main Tasks Edit

Main Tasks are quest rewards

that are completable once per player. In addition to a number of novice main tasks, there are now dozens of Main Tasks that grant rewards each time the player researches a new technology, builds a new building, or upgrades an existing building.

Daily Tasks Edit

Daily Tasks refresh daily at 00:00:00 server time or whenever maintenance or other server resets occur. For retired daily tasks, see the Retired daily tasks page.

Task name Objective Reward Requirements
Getting Started Engage and destroy any 1 Star monster Gold* 500 and AP* 7 Fame: 200
Maintain Order Engage and destroy any 2 Star monster Gold* 500, Armed Soldier* 5,and AP* 9 Fame: 800
Clean Up Remnants Engage and destroy any 3 Star monster Gold* 800, Archers* 8 and AP* 9 Fame: 2,200
A Master's Burden Engage and destroy any 4 Star monster Gold* 1000 and AP* 11 Fame: 5,800
Display your Talent Engage and destroy any 5 Star monster Gold* 2000 and AP* 12 Fame: 11,500
Total Conquest Engage and destroy any 6 Star monster Gold* 1500, Gryphon* 5 and AP* 13 Fame: 21,000
Pillar of the Nation Engage and destroy any 7 Star monster Gold* 4000 and AP* 14 Fame: 33,000
A Hero's Mettle Engage and destroy any 8 Star monster Gold* 1000, Elite Knight* 5 and AP* 15 Fame: 54,000
The Power of Faith Visit a Monastery Dwarven Coin* 1 Fame: 54,000
Elf Hunter's Present Visit a Elven Wooden House Craftman's Gears* 1 Fame: 80,000
Dragon Slayer Visit a Dragon Palace Engineer's Gears* 1 Fame: 80,000
Challenge Raise your position in Personal Rank by 1 or more Gold* 30,000 and AP* 100
Improvement Your Personal Rank rises to the 21st - 50th. Hephaestus' Package* 1
Ever Advancing Your Personal Rank rises to the 11th - 20th. Hephaestus' Package* 2
Standing Out Your Personal Rank rises to the 2nd - 10th. Hephaestus' Package* 3
Last Man Standing Your Personal Rank rises to 1st. Hephaestus' Package* 5
Launch the Challenge A 'Winning Streak' of 3 challenges Hephaestus' Package* 1
Basic equipment Engage and defeat any LVL 1 treasure guardian. Lumber* 50, Crystal* 25 and AP* 16 Fame: 200
Better equipment Engage and defeat any LVL 2 treasure guardian. Lumber* 50, Ore* 50 and AP* 21 Fame: 800
Explore the wild Engage and defeat any LVL 3 treasure guardian. Sulfur* 40, Crystal* 40 and AP* 33 Fame: 2,200
Hero Requirements Engage and defeat any LVL 4 treasure guardian. Sulfur* 100, Ore* 100 and AP* 45 Fame: 5,800
Get Some Booty Engage and defeat any LVL 5 treasure guardian. Lumber* 150, Crystal* 150 and AP* 58 Fame: 21,000
Ease Fiscal Problems Engage and defeat any LVL 6 treasure guardian. Sulfur* 125, Crystal* 100 and AP* 71 Fame: 33,000
Supply and Demand Engage and defeat any LVL 7 treasure guardian. Lumber* 150, Ore* 150, Crystal* 75 and AP* 84 Fame: 54,000
A Time of War Engage and defeat any LVL 8 treasure guardian. Lumber* 150, Sulfur* 200 and AP* 98 Fame: 150,000
World Treasure Engage and defeat any LVL 9 treasure guardian. Gold* 500, Ore* 200, Sulfur* 100, Crystal* 10 and AP* 111 Fame: 300,000
The Heroes Engage and defeat any LVL 10 treasure guardian. Sulfur* 200, Crystal* 200 and AP* 121 Fame: 500,000
Train Archer Train 20 Archer at once Lumber* 100 and Archer* 10 Fame: 200
The Elves' Proposition Exchange 12 Armed Soldier for 10 Elf Archers 10 Elf Archers Fame: 800
Cries of the Kingdom (part 1) Contribute 20 Monks from Initial Castle Initial Castle reward Gold 24,000 Fame: 11,500
Cries of the Kingdom (part 2) Contribute 20 Priests from Initial Castle Initial Castle reward Gold 45,000 Fame: 21,000
To know Your Enemy.. Scout any player’s castle Gold 800 Scouts 3 Fame: 2,200
Donate Lumber Contribute 100 Lumber from Initial Castle Initial Castle reward Gold 800 Fame: 800
Donate Ore Contribute 100 Ore from Initial Castle Initial Castle reward Gold 800 Fame: 800
Donate Sulfur Contribute 100 Sulfur from Initial Castle Initial Castle reward Gold 1,600 Fame: 2,200
Donate Crystals Contribute 100 Crystal Initial Castle reward Gold 1,600 Fame: 2,200
Fortune Bliss Spend 100 gold and you'll receive a 'Fortune Box' or 'Master Key' at random. Fortune Box *1 or Master Key *1 -
Master Key Two Lucky Chest can exchange for one Master Key. Players need to have two Lucky Chest to get this task. -

Analysis & Strategy Edit

Human hero(male)

Player Avatar: Human Male

Overall Edit

Humans have a unique advantage over all the other races, they have three ranged units while the other races only have two. They also have the strongest melee unit and it is the second fastest melee unit. They also have the best racial spell.

Early Game Edit

( < 2200 Fame)

Train Spear Militia until you can train Archers, then train about two hundred. Only train enough Scouts to complete the main task mission as you will be able to gain three Scouts everyday just by scouting an opponent's castle in the daily tasks.

Mid-game Edit

( 2200 ~ 80,000 Fame)

Once you have a good stock of Archers work on training Armed Soldiers. Armed Soldiers make good melee units because they can carry the largest load, and they are slow enough not to get in the way while you are NPC farming. If you choose to farm castles, it takes gryphons two turns before they can make it to the Guard Towers just like Armed Soldiers. However your real focus should be on creating Monks, which you can use to do some serious NPC farming. Create about five hundred Monks before focusing on Priests. Do not waste your resources or time creating Elite Knights. If you are going the PvP& route, train Priests with your left over resources while you work on creating Archangels.

Endgame Edit

( > 80K Fame)

The first thing you should do is get the Tavern to level 10, and ideally find a Hero with combat stats above 150 (see the Heroes page for more details). After this point there are two different strategies:

1) The NPC route involves getting T8 units as soon as possible and building about 2000 of them to farm NPCs. With a fully upgraded Rain of Arrows or Hawkeye spell, you need a large force of Priests on a high-speed Hero (total speed of at least 146) to farm Tier 10 treasures without taking damage (you can use the scout tactic to make things a little easier). This is especially useful for making gold, sell Tier 10 treasures to the Bazaar for anywhere from 8-11k.

2) The PVP route involves rushing T10 units and holding off production of large numbers of T8 units. Owing to their high speed, Archangels can often reach the front row of enemy forces on the first turn of PVP combat, which completely eliminates the ranged advantage. Furthermore, Archangels have very high defense, which means they do well against Tier 8 units. Thus, the ideal PVP build will be 4 scouts on the back row, and three stacks of 300 Archangels. Archangels are also a good choice for the human endgame because the human racial buffs from the Light Miracle give additional attack and defence. Coupled with a high tier Leadership hero skill, Archangels may well become the best endgame PVP choice.

Ideally you want to be able to support both paths, but this is unrealistic before reaching 500k and acquiring 5-6m units.

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