Item Picture Item Name In-game Description Notes
Lucky-box Lucky Box A mysterious box that may contain resources, items, or equipment. Open it with Master Key. Received from Daily Tasks and every hour of game play for three hours every 24 hours.
LuckyChest Lucky Chest Open the lucky chest and stand a chance to win valuable items like high resource cards, acceleration cards, Purple grade equipment and Heroes and more! Obtained through various real world in-game purchases.
Master-key Master Key Used to open Lucky Boxes and Lucky Chests, this magical key was made by the famous thief Locke. Received from Daily Tasks in exchange for 2 Lucky Boxes or instead of Lucky Box.
Rice-dumpling Rice Dumpling Double experience points for your heroes for 1 hour. Duration stackable.

Part of Top Five guild prize and misc. other events depending on what host you play on.

(Doesn't stack with 2xEXP Events)

Green-magic-wand Green Magic Wand Doubles experience from battles for 30 minutes. Given during both Christmas and New Year Holiday Tasks.

(Doesn't stack with 2xEXP Events)

First-aid-kit First Aid Kit Can shorten the guild recovery to 0, can help all guild members. Not implemented at this time. Given during holidays.
Goddess-blessing Goddess Blessing After use, hero will gain double experience in next battle, can use in PvP Arena. Works for arena battles only. Can be obtained by defeating NPC monsters (but not treasures).

Drop rate ~1:10 for 8* monsters.

Red Magic Wand (gives 10,000 XP to castellan)
Bronzeexppill Bronze Experience Pill Increases the Castellan Hero's experience by 5,000.
Silverexppill Silver Experience Pill Increases the Castellan Hero's experience by 10,000.
Platinum-resource-box Platinum Resource Box Click for a surprise! Contains 300 Lumber, 300 Ore, 150 Sulfur, 150 Crystal, 10,000 Gold Card.


Item Name Description Notes
Statue of the goddess
Statue of the Godess Adds 1 additional visit to the Elven wooden house with

a maximum of 5 each day

Can be bought from the shady mechant for 500,000 gold. Item is graded as purple and therefore rare. 5 Refreshes are allowed daily.
Everlasting life
Everlasting Life Provides 100% Recovery of battle wounded units for 2 hours
Forging package
Forging package Includes various forging materials. Demsteel, Dragonscale, Felfeather, Arcancore

can be found. 1 of one these for each pack opened.

Can be collected daily from doing guild instances.

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