Kingdom's army school, all heroes that come here, will benefit greatly. Because this is a neutral ground, it is free from war and reputation restrictions, battle engagements, so even though you have conquered this land, you must watch the others around you. 

Average Units of army defense: 150000

Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower is a very sought-after Temporarily occupiable building that provides "easy" experience for heroes.


  • It awards 2500 experience every five minutes. This turns into 30,000 experience per hour.
  • One Hero can occupy the same Ivory Tower for a maximum of 12 hours. Thus, an Ivory Tower will provide 360,000 experience to the occupying hero.
  • Experience awarded by the Ivory Tower is held in "temporary storage." If the Hero leaves before 12 hours are up via the "recall" function, then the Hero will receive the experience. However, if the Hero is ousted by a Hero controlled by another player, any accumulated experience will be lost.
    • Note: Some players have reported gaining a portion of the accumulated experience after being ousted from an Ivory Tower, but it is unclear whether this is actually true, or how much experience the ousted Hero receives.
  • Unlike Mines, you do not need to declare war to attack a currently occupied Ivory Tower.
  • If you are attacked while in an Ivory Tower, your troops will not be lost, but will return to your castle's Unit Tray, assuming you have slots available. These can then be allocated back to your Hero. If you do not have slots in your castle available for those fallen units, they will be lost forever.


Finding an unoccupied Ivory Tower is generally very hard due to the high demand.

  • Ivory towers are located at x,y coordinates of (X200+500n, Y297+500n); where X ranges from 200-4700, and Y ranges from 297-4797.
  • A good tactic is to comb the world map, saving the coordinates of all Ivory Towers you see.
  • There are a total of 100 Ivory Towers.
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