Macro Programs Edit

Program Name Web Address Operating System(s) Supported Cost
ACTool Windows Free and open source
AutoHotkey Windows Free and open source
AutoIt 3.0 Windows - no libs added Free and open source
Macro Express Windows XP, 2000, ME, 9x, NT 4 $39.95 / 30 day trial
LTool-0.3 (Linux) Linux Free and open source (Python script)
xautomation Linux (You Compile, gcc c++) Free, Open Source, GPL
xnee Linux, Mac Free, Open Source, GPL

There are many macro tools out there, and many programs. Please feel free to contribute the links to any other macro programs or code libraries.

Scripts Edit

This section is for scriptable macros programs

Script name Program Description
Farm Enormous ACTool Use with IE on 1280x1024 resolution
Farm Enormous Simplified ACTool Use with Firefox on 1280x1024 resolution
Guild Build Tool ACTool Requires 2 modifications for your button positions for confirm/ok
Guild Build Tool AutoIt See macro notes for needed changes

That second guild build tool using autoit is full of fail. Much better, much simpler ways to do it that will have universal support for all browsers, screen resolutions out of the box.

Tools Edit

This section is for other useful tools or programs

Tool name Web Address Description
Mc_Duff HoG Tools website Works with all browsers, registration required to store hero information

Warning Edit

NOTE: Use it at your own risk as according to HoG game rules highlighted below, this is an offence.

C. Using Game Tools '
Those who are not members of Team Webmmo are expressly forbidden from: altering game code, 
adding plug-ins to the game, modifying the game engine, using any sort of third-party 
programs to give them in-game advantage (such as automating game processes), and altering 
the game world. Access to and operation of the game is only permitted through a traditional
 web-browsing program. Utilization of in-game processes or bugs to intentionally crash the 
servers is strictly forbidden.

Team Webmmo has not released any plug-ins or scripts for the game. The use of third-party 
plug-ins to enhance the game is forbidden as outlined above. Accessing any account through 
illegal means (proxies, hacking, bugs, duping, etc.) is prohibited.
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