The Refuge Camp is a new worldmap building that allows players to exchange their units for others of the same level from different races.

  • Units can only be traded with-in the same Tier, see Unit Comparison page for Tier exchanges.
  • It is not a 1 to 1 trade, it appears to trade based on unit cost, for example, 1100 Human Archers (Tier 3) = 897 Elf Dwarven Soldiers
  • The camp takes the unit number x the unit cost, then subtracts a 10% fee for conversion, and then the remaining unit count is divided by the unit cost of the new units.
  • Players cannot be attacked while inside a Refuge Camp.
  • Visiting a Refuge Camp will cost 20 AP.
  • Heroes inside a Refuge Camp will count against a player’s quota for Heroes on the World Map.
  • The conversion of units from one type to another will take 1/1000 of the time required to make the same number of units.
  • During that time the Hero and assigned units can not be recalled to their Castle.
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