Resource Control Resource Control increases castle resource output by 3% per level (excluding gold), up to a maximum of 30%.
This is a castellan spell that must be equipped on a hero currently the Castellan of a castle.

Strategy Edit

Depending on your resource strategy, this spell may be worth more. If you've chosen to focus on a single resource, then upgrading this spell will effectively increase hourly gains by only 3% for a single resource. If you've chosen to focus on all four resources then this spell will add 3% per level for all four resources. If you've chosen to upgrade only a single resource spell, it might be worth leaving this alone as it is 30% more expensive.

Note: It is possible to equip your castellan with more than one resource/gold production spell but, it is not a stackable effect. If more than one spell is equipped then the lower leveled of the two spells will take priority. Therefore, there is no need to level up castellan resource spells in every secondary castle.

Upgrades Edit

Level %
Resources needed to upgrade Time
Fame Requirements
Lumber Ore Sulfur Crystal Gold
13%7259293665000:26:0019 Magic Tower lvl 1; Hero Tower lvl 1
26% 286 234 117 143 2600 01:18:0078 Magic Tower lvl 2
39%644527263322585004:04:50175 Magic Tower lvl 3
412%11449364685721040007:22:00 312 Magic Tower lvl 4
515%17881463 731 894 1625011:35:30487 Magic Tower lvl 5
618%2574 21061053 12872340016:45:20702 Magic Tower lvl 6
721%35042867143317523185022:51:30955 Magic Tower lvl 7
824%45763744187222884160029:54:001248 Magic Tower lvl 8
927%57924739236928965265037:52:501579 Magic Tower lvl 9
1030%71505850292535756500046:48:001950 Magic Tower lvl 10
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