Scouting Skill Pic The better your scouts, the better your Intel will be.
This is a passive spell that is always on once it is researched.

Strategy Edit

Scouting increases your ability to gather information from other players when scouting castles. Each race's Tier 2 unit requires Scouting level 1. The precise mechanic is currently unknown, but level 4 scouting and 100 scouts is usually sufficient for lower famed players. Scouting higher level players often requires a Scouting skill of level 5 or higher along with a larger stack of Tier 2 units in order to obtain full information.

Scouting is a spell learned from each Castle's Magic Tower. The following table will show what is displayed with and without enough scouting power (combination of the number of scouts sent along with scouting level from originating castle).

Intel Insufficient Scouting Power Moderate Scouting Power Sufficient Scouting Power
Resources <# of each resource> <# of each resource> <# of each resource>
Buildings -- Completed/Not Completed <building level>Level/Not Completed
Defending Forces Unknown Forces No Intel Available <# of Troop Forces>
Show Troops? No No Yes

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