Serpent Scale This scale armor came from the distant Floating Kingdom of Laputa. The Laputans bestowed this armor's advanced technology upon a wandering hero who ultimately brought it to Gaia. While unenhanced, it has good impact absorption.
Notes: Cannot be forged.


Item Slot Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell
Serpent Scale Body 26 0 (+1) 35 (+2) 0 (+1) 0 (+1) - 1280
Note: Numbers in parenthesis are base forging values added for each successful forge level.


  • Found on the Overworld map as ★★★★★★ (6 Star) equipment.

Equipment Buffs

This section lists all of the buffs that have been observed appearing on the Serpent Scale. Different buffs appear on different items, and listing which buffs appear where will help players looking for particular buffs.

Additional Attributes:

Hero Attributes
No Recorded Attributes
Combat Attributes
Melee Unit Attributes
  • Increases melee unit HP : 3
  • Increases probability of half-damage to melee units : 2-3
Ranged Unit Attributes
  • Reduces damage received by ranged units : 2-3
  • Increases the chance for ranged units to act twice : 2
Castellan Attributes
No Recorded Attributes
Secondary Arms Attributes
No Recorded Attributes

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