The Ancestors are a new race of monsters specifically introduced in the Blood Fort expansion as World Bosses. These monsters include the Fairy Dragon, Zeus, and the Phoenix. Statistical information for these monsters may be found on the World Bosses page.

Steve222 and the Narcissus IncidentEdit

Steve222 Unit Force

737584793 Units

Steve222, a player on narcissus, initially claimed to have recieved over 450 Ancestor Fairy Dragons from a Lucky Box. The presence of the Ancestor Fairy Dragons on Steve222's account was immediately obvious as the rankings showed that Steve222 was in possession of 737m forces. Steve222 used the Ancestor Fairy Dragons in a handful of PvP Arena battles before claiming that his account was canceled/frozen forever.

Steve222 gave this quote for the wiki on the matter: "A game bug seems to have given me a lot of troops. FYI, I am certainly not a hacker"

He originally stated that he got the Boss mobs in a lucky box.

In public chat on Kongregate servers, Steve222 elaborated:

Steve222: here is what really happened

Steve222: I had a friend lose over 1000 Elite Archers. I lost 480 Fairy Dragons. Permantly!
Steve222: After complaining 10X and taking screen shots...
Steve222: They returned 480 Fairy Dragons. But they were the Ancestor FDs; not my elvin FDs.
Steve222: LOL
Steve222: The GMs sent me a huge army!
Steve222: I kept expecting them to take the units back but they took the whole account down. Their fault; my loss
Steve222: Make sense?

If Steve222 is to believed, then he received the Ancestor Fairy Dragons as a simple clerical mistake, which is not unbelievable since there is a second Fairy Dragon (this unit is now called Elf Dragon) unit already present in HoG.

Later developments suggest that Steve222's account was not permanently frozen, although the Ancestor Fairy Dragons have since been removed from Steve222's account.

Phoenix Boss rewarded in test serverEdit

Due to a task glitch called "Null", people were able to get Phoenix bosses in the test server, This task could be found in the "Holiday Quest" page of the tasks. Instead of rewarding people a card for reporting bugs in the bloodfort update, it gave several people a Phoenix Boss.


With the additional hero stats these Bosses rendered players practically unbeatable.


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