Training Skill Pic Recruiting time decreases by 2% per level, up to a maximum of 20%.
This is a passive spell that is always on once it is researched.

Strategy Edit

Ghost Dragons require Bootcamp level 9, and since endgame strategy requires constant production of Ghost Dragons, it is probably worth it to upgrade Bootcamp to level 10, even though it is a rather expensive 225 to do so. It is also worth getting either Forced Conscription or Intensive Training in conjunction with Bootcamp to further reduce training time. Training times are listed below.

Upgrades Edit

Level %
Resources needed to upgrade Time
Fame Requirements Used to unlock
Lumber Ore Sulfur Crystal Gold
12%8383414182500:27:0024Magic Tower lvl 1; Graveyard lvl 1Zombie
24%330330165162330001:21:0099Magic Tower lvl 2; Graveyard lvl 2 -
36%743743371371742504:14:15222Magic Tower lvl 3; Graveyard lvl 3 -
48%132013206606601320007:39:00396Magic Tower lvl 4; Graveyard lvl 4Lich
510%20632063103110312062512:02:15618Magic Tower lvl 5; Graveyard lvl 5 -
612%29702970148514852970017:24:00891Magic Tower lvl 6; Graveyard lvl 6Ghost Knight
714%40434043202120214042523:44:151212Magic Tower lvl 7; Graveyard lvl 7 -
816%52805280264026405280031:03:001584Magic Tower lvl 8; Graveyard lvl 8 -
918%66836683334133416682539:20:152004Magic Tower lvl 9; Graveyard lvl 9Ghost Dragon
1020%82508250412541258250048:36:002475Magic Tower lvl 10; Graveyard lvl 10 -

Effects Edit

The following table contains the training time reductions provided by Bootcamp, the additional additional 20% provided by the Undead Intensive Training and Orc Forced Conscription Hero Skills and training time reduction provided by the guild University building. Note that Intensive Training and Forced Conscription may be equipped by Human and Elven Heroes to maximize training time reductions.

% Time reduction Time needed to produce a unit (mm:ss)
Skeleton Phantom Zombie Specter Vampire Lich Ghost Knight Lich King Bone Dragon Ghost Dragon
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