About meEdit

My game name is Hereward, my Guild is Solar, on Nemesis.

I had originally intended to spend time on the Wiki, tidying articles, and - as I learnt more about the game - adding content. The design of this Wiki is, however, so poor, the Wiki's content so inaccurate (usually because out of date), and the game itself so ramshackle, that I've given up.

As an example, take a look at the entries for the Arena. Leaving aside the unnecessary division of this and every other similar article into four, one for each race, the articles are inaccurate, as they claim that healing of troops is done in the Arena. It is, of course, done in the Barracks -- but the game itself gets it wrong: the Arena in each city claims that healing is done there. When I started playing I took ages to discover where I could heal troops, and I've since found that many others had the same problem. No help from the Wiki, no help from the game, and the GMs are useless. As with other games of this type, I'll just be playing, trying to work things out with the help of other players, and not working as unpaid labour for the businessmen in China who get rich off games of this type while doing the absolute minimum (or less) for those who are paying. Needless to say, I'll not be one of the latter.

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