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File:Wolf rider.jpg Description: Orc scouts with very high speed but very weak combat strength.

Wolf Riders should be used when attempting to spy on other players. One-hundred Wolf Riders and Scouting level 3 is usually sufficient to obtain complete information on most players.


Attack type HP ATK DEF SPD Load Units/Cost Fame
Melee 10 5 5 50 5 153 1.53


Cost per Unit

Gold Lumber Ore Sulfur Crystal Time(mm:ss)
68 - 5 - 6 02:40




On the World Map

  • This unit is not found as an NPC on the world map.

Tier Comparison

Unit Race Attack Type HP ATK DEF SPD Load Cost/Unit Time
Elf ScoutElfMelee105550515302:40
Wolf RiderOrcMelee105550515302:40
Common GhostUndeadMelee105550515302:40
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